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Reveal sections, rows, and columns like Magic

Never waste time guesstimating, calculating, or miscounting again!

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What Is The Grid Tool?

Get Your Time Back TODAY

Download and Print Your Row-and-Column-Making Magic Wand

The Grid Tool is a multi-use Smarter spacing ruler. Divide any straight surface. No math and no tracing needed!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Use the pre-made evenly-spaced sections on The Grid Tool as your guides to see and draw rows and columns to make grids the fast, easy way. Create custom layouts and tables in your Bullet Journal or DIY Planner. Or evenly split craft materials for your creative projects.

No more math headaches, frustration, or time wasted

When you use The Grid Tool for page layouts, you don't have to count, calculate, or measure. It shows you both the divisions AND margins. All you have to do is decide a.) how many divisions you want and b.) where you want them.

Instead of using a pencil, eraser, and time spent tracing, just use your favorite pen or marker the first time. Save hours you'd usually spend tracing over your lines by letting it do all the hard work for you - just place, mark, and separate!

2 Page Monthly Spread Rows

A BUJO's Best Friend

Has your bullet journal become a BURDEN?

My journal spreads used to take HOURS.

Every single one was mind-numbingly slow and painful.

Flipping back and forth to a grid spacing cheat sheet was confusing and unproductive.

I wasted so much time re-drawing my grids and tracing over my pencil lines with a pen.

And all that counting and calculating resulted in countless FRUSTRATING re-dos.

As a mom with limited "me" time, I was spending more time PLANNING my life than LIVING it.

The Clever Tool You Didn't Think You Needed

I started my bullet journal journey over three years ago. Since then almost 500 bujo enthusiasts, DIY planners, and crafters have thoroughly battle-tested and helped me refine numerous versions of The Grid Tool.

With this portable, time-saving tool, we've taken back control of our TIME and our SANITY.

This deceptively simple Smarter Ruler has opened up a world of CREATIVITY and FREEDOM - without the math headache.

Clever and easy to use. I'm making grids everywhere. ? Thanks!

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Theresa Muir

5mm ~ Size A5

Monthly Calendar Layout 1 page Vertical
  • Goodbye Time-Sucking Frustration,

    Hello Freedom

  • Evenly divide or section any straight surface - no math needed!
  • Position it like a ruler to see and space your grids right on the page.
  • Use with any size pen, pencil, marker, crayon, etc.
  • Get your time back and SAVE HOURS creating journal layouts 3x faster.
  • NEVER waste time guesstimating, calculating, or miscounting again!

Exactly what I needed! Easy to understand instructions as well.

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Amelia Leggett


Did You Know?

Most popular dot grid Bullet Journals and Planners use 5mm increments.

Inches and centimeters on standard rulers don’t match up. Even if you use a millimeter ruler, you still have to count, calculate, and measure!

I love this! It makes a big difference in how I bujo now. I highly recommend this and love the way it covers so many different sizes - all of which I have! Thank you

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Far Future Log 6 months 1 page layout

Why Choose
The Grid Tool?

  • 16 Even Divisions (8 each Horizontal and Vertical) - 
    The Most on a Spacing Ruler
  • Verified and Tested with 
    50+ popular brands and sizes of journals and notebooks
  • 60+ 5-Star Reviews and
    100+ Admirers on Etsy
    since 2018

What You Get

  • Printable Instant Download - Yours to Keep for the low price of a coffee date
  • Video Tutorials & Support directly from me, the Inventor
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

To Be honest I didn't think this would help because I have seen so many grid sheet cheats for BUJO and I am always so confused... but THIS! THIS has helped so much! I love it. I printed it on watercolor paper and it works great! 100% recommend.

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Adriana Orangel

5mm ~ Size A5

Journal + pencil + calculator + ruler = :(

Unlike a standard ruler or grid spacing cheat sheet, The Grid Tool not only helps you SEE sections, it SHOWS you exactly how to space them evenly - right on the page. Use this portable, bookmark-sized time-saver to create custom calendars, trackers, and more!

Journal + pencil + The Grid Tool spacing ruler = Love

The Grid Tool is available in several sizes. It works with most popular brands of standard, oversize, and slim size A4/US Letter, B5, A5, Cahier/Slim, Traveler's/Classic Slim, B6, and A6 journals, planners, organizers or notebooks with blank or square line or dot grid pages.

And whether you’re a Tombow, Sharpie, Sakura Pigma, or Zebra fan, The Grid Tool doesn’t have tiny stencil holes, so there are no limits on the mark-making tools you use.

Want to know if The Grid Tool will work with your specific journal, notebook, or planner?

No need to guess - the answer is likely YES! Find out here :

The Tool You Didn't Know You Needed

If You Had A HammerYou Wouldn't Use A Screwdriver To Pound In A Nail, Right?

So why would you use a regular ruler to make grids?

Sure, they work well as a straightedge and to measure in one direction, but standard rulers don't measure in increments that match most square grid pages. They also don't automatically show you how to divide a chosen area equally. Unless you're a math wiz, you have to break out your calculator to do that!

Has setting up spreads become a time-sucking chore?

Grid spacing cheat sheets make it a little easier, until you have to flip back and forth in your journal or migrate to a new one. And you STILL have to count dots or spaces on the page. You can't just line it up and SEE the sections like you can with The Grid Tool.

Grid Spacing Cheat Sheets and The Grid Tool spacing ruler in a journal

Spend your time on your LIFE, not in your planner

Take the Time Challenge and grid up to 3x faster than counting and calculating or using a grid spacing cheat sheet! Even if you use it only a few times a year, you'll save much more time than any other grid method available. Your bullet journal's secret weapon is as close as a download away.

Are YOU in Control, or is YOUR PLANNER Eating up all your Time?

Because it’s so adaptable you can use it to create exactly the kind of structure you want. And because it’s portable you can easily set up your pages anytime, anywhere - NO need to page back and forth to your Grid Spacing Cheat Sheet, and NO counting dots!

How much is your time worth? Your life is waiting... work smarter!

So please don't waste another minute working harder than you need to and go get it! For the low price of a single coffee date, you can join over 450 other owners of The Grid Tool to take back HOURS of your time - starting TODAY.

How does It work?

Basic Instructions:

  1. Decide how many sections you want
  2. See your sections on The Grid Tool
  3. Make your marks and lines for your grid calculating, counting, or guesstimating needed!

For a walkthrough these 3 easy steps with examples, see How to Use The Grid Tool: Start Here

What can I do with The Grid Tool Smarter Spacing Ruler?

Quickly and easily equally divide or section anything with a flat surface. There are so many uses I'm sure I can't list them all, but here are a few popular ones:

Craft Materials

The Grid Tool is a multi-use smarter ruler that can be used with almost any material including cardboard, cloth, fabric, string, thread, yarn, rubber, stamps, clay, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, etc.

  • Portion out even amounts of polymer clay for making jewelry and magnets.
  • Measure, center, and accurately position items in photo and scrapbook layouts.
  • Section, divide, or grid rubber stamps and linoleum rubber printing blocks, quilting fabrics, and more.

Paper, Planners, and Journals

Make your own custom layouts, charts, trackers, graphs, and grids whenever and wherever you like. The Grid Tool can help you quickly and accurately draw evenly-spaced rows and columns. Use them to divide your page into thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths, sevenths, and more -  without any guesswork.

  • Design custom planner layouts, and visualize how you can fit several sections together, BEFORE putting pen to paper.
  • Create calendars in monthly, weekly, agenda, and other formats.
  • Build tables and trackers for keeping tabs on your health, finances, routines, goals, and more.

For more ideas, see What Can I Make with The Grid Tool? and my latest Blog posts.

The tool I never realized I needed! What a handy thing!

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Diana Ross


I was stressing doing my 2021 bullet journal grid spacing page. I spent 2 hours trying to make it work for me. I was searching for some examples online when this product came up on my search. I give it a go. Oh, my stars! did this make life easy. I have an Archer and Olive A5 and I had read a prior review so I knew I would have some extra dots. I'm ecstatic about this ruler. It's getting pride of place in my 2021 bullet journal! Thank you so much!

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Melissa Elsworth



What they say

...for most this is probably just a tool to simplify stuff but for me this is a accessibility tool... to track medical stuff from symptoms to meds to Dr appointment and side effects... this tool is life changing its going to make using a bullet journal so much more easy for me and enjoyable... 10 stars!!!!

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5mm ~ Size B5

Love the ease, simple instructions...just what this newbie needed!!

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Kate Robertson


This is an amazing tool!!! Very nicely laid out, easy to read and so simple to use. THANK YOU for putting this together. You made my planning a whole lot easier!

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Jessica Keddy


A nice addition to my bullet journal kitt.

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terrlyn lewis


Awesome tool! I just got my first B5 journal so I had more space to plan my weeks and this thing is a life saver! My least favorite part of the week was having to count so many boxed come Monday but with this it’s super easy!! I printed the tool on a piece of sticker paper and glued it to some cardboard and now I have a super sturdy ruler to keep in the back pocket of the journal ?

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5mm ~ Size B5

...Using a new size notebook so this is really helpful!

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5mm ~ Size B5

exactly what I was looking for!

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Kathy Vansteenkiste

5mm ~ Size A5

An 8.5×11 Bullet Journal – also known as US Letter size – is unique. But does it work for Bullet Journaling? To answer that, we need to understand the basics of what a bullet journal is used for and who uses them and how. What is 8.5×11 Bullet Journal size? 8.5×11 Bullet Journal size is …Read More

8.5×11 Bullet Journal – An Unconventional but Accessible Option

If you’re a fan of the Japanese Hobonichi Techo Weeks planner, you’ll be delighted to know that The Grid Tool 3.55×3.55mm TCS ruler is now available. Its unique 3.55mm spacing is designed to perfectly match the grid spacing of the Hobonichi Techo Weeks and Weeks Mega planners, with each graph node spaced 3.55mm apart and …Read More

Hobonichi Techo Weeks Works With The Grid Tool Ruler!

The Grid Tool 5mm Size B5 is now MORE COMPATIBLE with your favorite notebook and journal brands! I’ve updated the second most popular size of The Grid Tool with a NEW measurement tweak and 2 more rulers. They better match the current grid pattern spacing quantities in your favorite B5 journals and planners, and offer …Read More

B5 Grid Tool – Now With 3 Ruler Options!

How can you keep your Bullet Journal Key handy? How about writing it on the back of the bookmark-sized Smarter ruler – The Grid Tool? Get two tools in one with this productivity hack. What’s A Bullet Journal Key? A bullet journal key is an essential aspect of bullet journaling. It acts as a quick …Read More

Keep Your Bullet Journal Key Handy

Instant download! Love it!

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Stephanie Grimes

5mm ~ Size A5

Super useful and intuitive. Thanks!

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Where Can I get it?

Get Your Time Back TODAY

Buy The Grid Tool Now

What size and type grid journal do YOU have? The Grid Tool is available in several sizes for purchase separately or in sets. Here are a few of the most popular:



5mm Size B5

Used around the world

3 Ruler Set! Works with many popular B5 Composition size journals:

  • Archer & Olive
  • Dingbats*
  • Leuchtturm1917
  • Moleskine
  • pen + Gear
  • Rhodia
  • Scribbles that Matter
  • and many more



Master Set

Collect them all for less!

Always have the right size on hand

Includes TWENTY-FIVE+ Rulers TODAY


  • 5mm Size A4+ & A4
  • 5mm Size B5/Composition
  • 5mm Size A5 & A5 Slim/Cahier
  • 5mm Size TCS
  • 5mm Size B6
  • 5mm Size A6
  • ...and MANY more!

Which One Should I Choose?

Need help choosing the right version of The Grid Tool?

Start here:

Need a different size or set?

I have many other variations of The Grid Tool available in my Etsy shop!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hello fellow gridders!

My name is Cas, and I invented The Grid Tool as a way to help myself and others spend less time in our planners and more time on life.

With the goal and intention of making life better, I craft all my products with love and care. I've created hours of videos, a lot of Tips, Tricks, and How-To information in many articles on my Blog, and a Help Page on this site to serve you.

Due to the nature of Digital Media, I cannot offer a refund, exchange or cancellation after you've been sent or given access to the files and all sales are final. However, if you ever have any questions or issues please contact me through Etsy convo or at and I will do everything I can to make sure you're happy with your purchase!

Cas Sig
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A Magic Wand for Rows and Columns

Evenly divide or section any straight surface - no math needed! See and space your grids right on the page.

A Bullet Journal's Best Friend

Works with over 50 popular brands of standard, oversize, & slim size A4, B5, A5, Traveler's, B6, & A6 journals, planners, organizers, & notebooks.

Something Unexpected

The Smarter Ruler you didn't know you needed. No more frustration or time wasted - let it do all the work for you!