Free Dot Grid Papers to Download and Print

Download and print these free dot grid papers as often as you need. Or add the files to your digital planner, note-taking, or sketching app on your iPad (Goodnotes is an excellent one). They make for a functional, fun background.

Free Dot Grid Papers

5mm Dot Grid Paper


5x5mm spacing is the most common size dot grid pattern in the most popular brands of journals, notebooks, planners, and pages used by bullet journal enthusiasts. Sometimes you’ll also find it referred to as 0.5cm. It’s also very close to 1/5″ or 0.20″ (but it’s actually 0.196850394″, if you want to get super geeky), so you’ll sometimes see people make the mistake of saying it’s 5 squares per inch. But when you measure it accurately across the page with a millimeter ruler, you’ll find each dot lines up with the “5s” – 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, etc.

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8mm Dot Grid Paper


Extremely rare, but handy for those that have low vision or very large handwriting, this paper with 8x8mm dot grid spacing might also be interesting to try for diagramming or mind mapping.

Quarter Inch Dot Grid Paper


6.35×6.35mm line spacing is typically on the larger side of grid spacing, but it’s great for practicing hand lettering skills. It’s also quite commonly found in the United States. This paper has 1/4” x 1/4” (aka Quad Ruled, 4×4, 4 spaces per inch, 16 spaces per 1”x1” square, Quarter Inch, or 0.25” x 0.25”) – grid/line spacing.

6mm Dot Grid Paper


On the rare occasion, you may find a dot grid journal with 6x6mm dot grid spacing. If 5x5mm spacing is a little too tight for your handwriting, you might want to give this size a try.

Fifth Inch Dot Grid Paper


At 5.08x 5.08mm spacing, this size is often understandably mistaken for its very close cousin – 5x5mm spacing. However, this paper has 1/5” x 1/5” (aka 5×5, 5 spaces per inch, 25 spaces per 1”x1” square, Fifth Inch, or 0.20” x 0.20”) grid/line spacing.

The Happy Planner Dot Grid Paper


The measurements on this grid paper are sized to precisely match the dot grid spacing printed on The Happy Planner dot grid paper. It’s an extremely odd size – it took me a LOT of testing to match it! NOTE: It does not match the spacing of The Happy Planner lined/ruled paper or line/square grids. It also doesn’t match the spacing of typical 5mm, 4mm, or other spacing sizes of grid journals and planners. These free dot grid papers can be used to replace or supplement paper by The Happy Planner.

4mm Dot Grid Paper


Some planners and notebooks (especially off-the-shelf brands you can find at your local hobby or department store) use a smaller, 4x4mm grid spacing pattern. This free dot grid paper can help you decide if you like to use slightly tighter line spacing.

Hobonichi Techo 3.7mm Dot Grid Paper


In the Hobonichi Techo planners and notebooks, some dot grid spacing is 3.7×3.7mm but not all of them are. 3.7mm is a much tighter spacing than the typical 5mm. Download, print, and use this dot grid paper to compare it with your dot grid.

Hobonichi Techo 3.55mm Dot Grid Paper


Some Hobonichi Techo planners and notebooks have 3.55×3.55mm dot grid spacing. 3.55mm is a much tighter spacing than the typical 5mm. However, some people prefer it because their handwriting is much more compact.

Better Than Free Dot Grid Papers?

Would you like to try several different colors and sizes of dot grid paper without watermarks? I’m deciding whether or not to make a set available in my shop that you can print or use on your iPad. If this is something you’re interested in, let me know!

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